Recreation Commission members

Below is a list of the current members of the Recreation Commission and their contact information:

Recreation Commission contact info term expires
Lynn Hallum

(440) 833-4444  12/31/2025
Laura O'Donnell
Matthew Gray

 (440)796-3455  12/31/2023
Alison Colliatie
 (440) 281-5985   12/31/2024
Nancy Erikson
 (440) 346-2260   12/31/2024
Dave Walters     12/31/2025
Kathy Sivo      12/31/2026
Jos Jarmuszkiewicz, Council Representative on Recreation (440)870-5542  
Darlene McFarren, Clerk

(440) 946-1234  
The Commission meets on the 1st Wednesday of each month (except in July and August)

 To send an e-mail message to the clerk of the Recreation Commission, address it to:

The City also employs a Part-time Recreation Coordinator to execute the City's recreation programs.
E-mail the City's Recreation Coordinator at