Stormwater Management

The City's Stormwater Management services are provided by the Lake County Stormwater Management Department.  Residents are charged a minimal amount on their property taxes that are collected by Lake County.  The LCSWMD then provides funding for stormwater management projects needed throughout the city. 

Organizations such as the Chagrin River Watershed Partners and the Friends of Euclid Creek are also involved in the stormwater management effort. 

These organizations, together with concerned residents, strive to ensure that stormwater issues are monitored throughout the city.  The water quality of Lake Erie depends on everyone being careful about the content of stormwater.  Whatever gets washed down the drain on the street, or into the nearby pond, can eventually end up in our most precious fresh water commodity, Lake Erie.

Chagrin River Watershed Partners

Chagrin River Watershed Partners was formed in 1996 by watershed communities and supported by member dues and grants.  They work directly with 36 cities, villages, counties, townships and park districts to minimize flooding and erosion as communities grow.  They focus on improving development practices and site design to reduce long term infrastructure costs. 

Pervious Paver Stormwater Management project at the Community Center

The Chagrin River Watershed Partners organization sponsored a program to control and monitor the parking lot water runoff at the Willoughby Hills Community Center.  Pervious paver bricks were installed in the Northern section of the parking area to control and asses the quantity and quality of the water runoff.  The benefits will be promoting infiltration and uptake by plants, reducing flooding, reducing stream erosion by reducing flow, improving habitat for aquatic life, inducing temperature control for streams, learning about the required maintenance, and pollution removal.  The City is pleased to partner with the CRWP on these types of projects as we share their concerns about our water resources. 

The previous paver installation was paid for by a grant the City received from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency Surface Water Improvement Fund

Chagrin River Watershed Partners presented the plans to the Planning and Zoning Committee of Council on June 3, 2013.  To download that presentation, click here.  For a more detailed description of this project, click here.

For questions, please contact Chagrin River Watershed Partners, Inc., (440) 975-3870 or email

Click Here for the CSWCD Stream Maintenance Guide

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