Station & Apparatus


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The Engine Company
The fire engine is the workhorse of the fire department.  Not only does it carry water and hoses but also an array of tools and other equipment essential to the many tasks associated with firefighting and the various other services we get called upon to provide.

Engine 1214 - First Out Engine

2012 Pierce custom fire engine (purchased as demo apparatus)
1500 gpm Darley single-stage pump
750 gal. booster tank / 30 gal. AFFF foam tank
Photo Credit:  Bridget Gandee

Engine 1213 - Reserve Engine

1997 Sutphen custom fire engine (refurbished in 2004)
2000 gpm Hale single-stage pump
750 gal. booster tank / 100 gal. AFFF foam tank
Photo Credit:  Bridget Gandee

The Ladder Company
While most people envision fire engines when they think of the fire department, the ladder truck plays an important role as well.  The ladder truck provides a means of accessing locations out of reach of ground ladders as well as for an elevated water stream in the event of larger fires.  It also carries some equipment typically unable to be carried on a fire engine including a large selection of ground ladders and salvage equipment.

Tower 1219

2005 Pierce Dash quint
100-ft platform
2000 gpm Waterous single-stage pump
300 gal. booster tank

The Medic Company

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) accounts for the highest percentage of the fire department’s call volume (about 70%).  The modern ambulance (also called a “rescue squad”) is commonly likened to an ‘emergency room on wheels’ given the capability of it and its crew in terms of assessment and treatment in the field.  As paramedics, we are essentially an extension of the emergency room physician elevating the level of pre-hospital medical and trauma care the community receives.

Medic 1212 - First Out Squad

2019 Ford F-550 / Life Line Emergency Vehicles
Advanced Life Support paramedic ambulance

Medic 1222 -  Backup Squad

2015 Ford E450 / Life Line Emergency Vehicles (Original 2003 module w/ 2015 re-chassis + updates)
Advanced Life Support paramedic ambulance

Medic 1212 - Reserve Squad

2006 Ford E450 / Life Line Emergency Vehicles
Advanced Life Support paramedic ambulance
Photo Credit:  Bridget Gandee

Support Vehicles

Car 1211

2012 Ford Expedition
Shift Officer Command Car / EMS Chase Vehicle

Car 1217

2012 Ford F350
Utility / Towing Vehicle

Car 1200

2015 Ford Explorer
Chief's vehicle

ETRT Water Rescue Trailer

Regional assets housed at WHFD

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