Employee Performance Feedback

Professional Standards – Employee Performance Feedback

Each year, Willoughby Hills Police Officers and other employees have thousands of contacts with people. In some cases, individuals may question why an incident was handled in a particular way. Or, they may wish to acknowledge the employees involved. In other situations, they may disagree with the actions or conduct of a department employee.

The Willoughby Hills Police Department values the feedback it receives from the community as a means to evaluate current policies and practices. For example, if a particular policy routinely generates questions from citizens, the policy may need to be changed, or employee training may need to be increased in that area. In some cases, individuals may feel that a member of the Police Department has treated them in a less than professional manner.

This Department takes citizen's concerns seriously. We believe the public is entitled to efficient, fair, and impartial service. We investigate all allegations of employee misconduct, respond to inquiries about employee actions or department policy, and document all commendations received from the public.

We investigate allegations and inquiries for these reasons:

  • To protect citizens from actual misconduct by an employee
  • To protect the Department and those employees who conduct themselves appropriately
  • To identify policies and procedures that may need review or change, and to find ways to improve the quality of our service to the community
  • The Willoughby Hills Police Department recognizes that its employees are responsible for their conduct and actions where the public is concerned. The Department also acknowledges that, at certain times, conflicts between citizens and agency employees can arise. It is essential to the safety of our community that the relationship between the police and citizens is built on confidence and trust. Law enforcement cannot be effective without this vital conviction by both entities.

The Willoughby Hills Police Department is always interested in learning how the public perceives our employees’ duty performance. We welcome your comments:

by email: police@willoughbyhills-oh.gov
by phone: (440) 942-9111
or by U.S. Mail: 35405 Chardon Road, Willoughby Hills, OH 44094

The following information is provided regarding Citizen Complaints.

All citizen complaints pertaining to Departmental policies or procedures, or that allege employee misconduct will be documented and investigated by the Department.

  • Complaints may be given in person, over the telephone, or in writing.
  • Anonymous complaints or complaints from citizens who wish their names to be held in confidence will be accepted for investigation and documented as such.
  • Citizen complaints may be accepted by any supervisor of the department who is approached for such assistance. The supervisor will enter the complainant’s name data if provided, document the complaint in writing and promptly forward the complaint to the Chief of Police.
  • The supervisor may attempt to resolve a complaint by an exploration of departmental policies and procedures, where applicable. Attempts to resolve complaints will be noted in the complaint report.
  • Upon receipt of a citizen’s complaint, the internal investigations authority appointed by the Chief of Police will contact the complainant and advise them the matter is under investigation and the complainant will receive written notice of the final disposition of the case if requested. The internal investigations authority will advise the complainant of departmental procedures for the processing and investigation of citizen complaints.
  • Investigations of complaints will be completed within a reasonable amount of time - normally 14-21 days with extensions approved by the Chief of Police.