Emergency Notifications

Update (January 2021)
Lake County has again updated its "reverse 9-1-1" capabilities.  This is a computer system (WENS) used in the event of an emergency that requires mass notification of the public for informational or action-based purposes.  You can choose to be notified by landline, cell phone, email, or all of the above.

If you were already enrolled in the previous (Vesta) system, you are automatically enrolled in the new system, however your subscription will include only the minimum default of Tornado Warnings.  Follow the link below to update your subscription and take advantage of the many other alerts available.  (Don't forget to click the appropriate checkbox to receive community-wide-specific alerts!)

We especially encourage our residents in flood-prone areas to sign up for this service as this is our primary means of notifying residents in the event of a flood event involving the Chagrin River.

CLICK HERE to enroll in Lake County’s Reverse 9-1-1 system.

If you have questions or need assistance subscribing, please contact the fire station.