Personnel & Training

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The fire department is staffed 24/7 by both career and part-time firefighters all of which are cross-trained in both firefighting and emergency medical services (EMS). Minimum (and standard) on duty staffing is 5 personnel.  During periods of high call volume, staffing is supplemented by recalling off duty personnel back to the station to cover while on duty crews are tied up.

Career Roster

Rank  Name  Serving
Fire Chief Robert Gandee 2019
Secretary Stephanie Nero 2004
Lieutenant     Louis DiMattia  1997 
Lieutenant Timothy Serazin  1996
Lieutenant Patricia Heller  1990 
Firefighter Steven Lucic  1990 
Firefighter  John D. Clayton  1994 
Firefighter  Jeffrey Planisek  2010 
Firefighter  Cindy Sabo  2012 
Firefighter  Robert Vencl  2006 
Firefighter  Nathan Hoffmann           2017 
Firefighter Zachari Martin 2017
Firefighter Brian Paladino 2018
Firefighter Will Distler 2018

Part-Time Roster

Name  Serving
Adrian Baker 2021
Jill Baus  2002
Timothy Beck 2004
Patrick Behm 2021
David Biggert  2000 
Dalton Bode 2021
John Colavecchio 2019
Dale Cubranich 2008 
Dave Degutis 2018
Steven Drop 2016
Jake Foster 2016
Jonathan Havel 2005
Keith Kanner 2011 
Gregory Kessler  1998
Tyrus Kovach 2021
James Perkovich 1990
Benjamin Robinson         1991
William Rogers, Jr. 2018
Lawrence Smedley 1998
Jake Stanevich 2019
Steven Stokes 2021

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The level of diversity required of today’s firefighter is remarkable.  Below is a list of various certifications and other training held or acquired by members in order to better serve the community.  And although not required for employment or certification, it should be noted that all of our officer staff along with the majority of our career staff hold one or more college degrees in addition to many of the listed certifications and training.

  • State of Ohio Firefighter certification (Level I, Level II) (NFPA)

  • State of Ohio EMS certification (EMT, Paramedic)

  • Hazardous Materials & WMD response (Operations-level, Technician-level) (NFPA)

  • State of Ohio Fire Safety Inspector certification (NFPA)

  • State of Ohio Fire Instructor certification (NFPA)

  • State of Ohio EMS Instructor certification

  • Fire Investigator (Basic, Advanced, Technician)

  • Various National Incident Management System (NIMS) courses (FEMA)

  • “Blue Card” incident command certification

  • National Fire Academy Executive Fire Officer (EFO)

  • Fire Officer I, II, III, IV (NFPA)

  • Situational Awareness Academy (Gasaway)

  • HazMat Officer / HazMat Safety Officer (DHS/NFPA)

  • Technician-level certification in Rope, Trench, Confined Space, Swiftwater, Structural Collapse, and Dive Rescue
  • American Heart Association Basic Life Support (CPR)
  • American Heart Association Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)

  • American Heart Association Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)

  • International Trauma Life Support (ITLS)

  • National Association of EMTs Advanced Medical Life Support (AMLS)

  • Advanced HazMat Life Support (AHLS)

  • National Disaster Life Support Foundation Advanced Disaster Life Support (ADLS)

  • Radiological Monitoring (Perry Nuclear Power Plant)

  • Vehicle Extrication & Rescue

  • Traffic Incident Management (ODOT)

  • Technical Rescue response (Operations-level, Technical-level)
    (Includes: rope, water, swift water, ice, collapse, trench, tower, confined space, elevator)

  • SWAT officer (Basic, Advanced) (SWAT medic)

  • National Weather Service SkyWarn Storm Spotter training

  • Remote Pilot - small Unmanned Aircraft Systems certification (FAA)

  • Various Ohio Fire Academy and National Fire Academy courses

  • Various other courses/training obtained from private agencies, schools, etc.