HAAS Alert

Keeping Responders and Motorists Safe

Haas Alert's system alerts drivers with connected cars, autonomous vehicles, or drivers with certain mobile apps that an emergency vehicle is nearby. 
 - Photo courtesy of Haas Alert

Technology that is readily available today was once unattainable by most fire departments because of its cost.  Now that we have access to this technology at relatively affordable prices, we are putting it to good use.  HAAS Alert is one example of that.  Most people are familiar with Google Maps and the Waze navigation app which provide roadway hazard & accident alerts to motorists.  HAAS Alert is a collision-prevention system that allows emergency vehicles to notify the motoring public of their presence through such apps (digital alerts) both while responding and when on scene.  HAAS Alert also has its own app (see below).

Such programs provide for safer working environments for first responders and give motorists early warning of an approaching hazard or emergency vehicle which they otherwise would not know about until they physically see it.  Most fire departments do not have the staffing or resources available to dedicate strictly to providing early warning to motorists.  This program fills that gap and does so without any action required by responders nor having to commit valuable resources which could be put to good use elsewhere at the emergency scene.

WHFD currently has emitters installed in our two of our first-out vehicles (E-1214 and command car).

Android App:  Click here.

iPhone app:  Click here.

Check out the HAAS Alert website here.