Emergency Services

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The grassroots of the American fire service is emergency response and that continues to be our primary responsibility today.  What has changed is the level and number of services provided.  The days of only fighting fires is long gone and we as the fire service have evolved into an “all hazards” type of organization with extensive training and specialized resources to handle not only fires but whatever challenges we encounter.  For example, in 1973, along with the cities of Wickliffe and Kirtland, WHFD graduated some of the very first trained paramedics in the state of Ohio; one of many milestones achieved during the evolution of our organization.

While funding and staffing have remained flat across the region, the demand for service diversity continues to increase as does the volume of requests for that service.  We strive to meet those demands on a daily basis.

ISO Rating

We are proud to announce that as a result of our 2020 ISO review, WHFD has been assigned an improved rating of "3" which will have a positive impact on our community in many ways.  For more information, visit ISO Mitigation.

Emergency services provided by WHFD include but are not limited to:

Fire Suppression & Investigation

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Vehicle Accidents & Extrication

Hazardous Materials (Gas Leaks, Carbon Monoxide Leaks, Transportation Incidents, etc.)

Technical Rescue (Water, Ice, Flood, High-Angle, Collapse, Trench, Elevator, & Confined Space)

Utility Emergencies (Gas, Electric, Water)

dial 911

We cannot help you if we can't find you!

Make sure your address is clearly visible from the street- either on your house, garage, or both sides of your mailbox.  Large (3-4 inch) contrasting or reflective numbers are best.