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Location, Location, Location.pdf Willoughby Hills is located in Cleveland's eastern suburbs, just minutes from downtown and provides easy access to Interstates 91 and 271 which are vital links to reaching East coast and Midwestern markets.  

Age and Population Growth. pdf Willoughby Hills is one of Lake County's fastest growing cities. Since 1970, its population has doubled. Since the last census it has grown by more than10%.  Clearly, people like what Willoughby Hills has to offer.

Education pdf and Income.pdf Income.pdf The residents of Willoughby Hills are highly educated and have household incomes that are well above the state and national averages. Almost half the residents hold advanced degrees and the median income is 21% higher than the rest of the state.

Employment.pdf Lake County's unemployment rate almost always runs lower than the rest of the state. That's because the bulk of employment is concentrated in growing sectors like healthcare and education. It is not a typical 'rust belt' community, but rather a diverse, well rounded economy 

Housing.pdf The median value of a home in Willoughby Hills is over $250,000, by far the highest among cities in Lake County. Green residential zoning and well planned developments are vital to making the community the desired location. 

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