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Office of the Mayor

Bob Weger was elected to the office of the Mayor in November, 2007.  Prior to that, he served as a District 1 Councilman for four years and as Council President for two years. Bob is an active member of the Willoughby Hills Lions Club, Willoughby Eastlake Schools Business Advisory Council  and  Lake County Mayors and Managers Association.  He founded the City's WHISPER Program to help seniors in WH. Mayor Weger established the City's Trash & Recycle contract which guarantees discounted rates through 2025! In the November 2015 election, Mayor Weger was elected to serve a third 4-year term!

                  weger  election photo




1. Responsible for the operation of the Administrative functions of the government, 
    such as finance, safety, road maintenance, Mayor's Court, and recreation.
2. Manages the members of the city's administrative staff. 
3. Receives incoming correspondence to the Mayor.
4. Issues all outgoing correspondence from the Mayor.
5. Publishes documents issued by the Mayor's Office.
6. Manages the content of the city's communications mediums, such as 
    city newsletter. ( City Website and WHTV is handled by Finance Department)
7.  Administers the WHISPER Program for Seniors.
8.  Completes grant applications for funding assistance.
9.  Acts as Plan Administrator for the City's health care plan,
working to select health care plans and assist employees
with health care claims.
10.  Serves as representative for internet auctions for
surplus vehicle sales.

More details regarding the office of the Mayor are specified in Article II of the City Charter, which can be viewed by clicking here.