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Sanitary Sewer System

Most of the City's public sanitary sewer system is maintained by the City Service Department.  If you experience any difficulties with the sewer system, contact the Service Department at 440-918-8740.  If you have a sewer emergency outside of normal business hours, you can reach someone at Police Dispatch and they will contact the appropriate personnel.  The phone number for Police Dispatch is 440-942-9111. 

Sewer Rate Update to Residents - January 2017

WAS ADOPOTED 1/26/2017.

Click here to read Ordinance No. 2017-6

Click here to get the Revised Sewer Rate Schedule 2011 thru 2018

City reduction in the operating portion of the fee              <$7.00>
Increase by the City of Euclid for sewage processing           $3.07
Net Reduction                                                               <$3.93>

The March bills will also reflect the Mayor’s change in the minimum sewer fee.  The minimum fee
was reduced from 10 hcf billing units (1,000 cf) to 5 hcf (500 cf). 

Anyone whose water consumption during the first quarter of 2017 is 500 cf or less will receive
a bill of only $44.86.  Under the old system, the charge would have been $86.21 (both amounts
include Lake County’s $3.50 administrative fee).

Anyone whose water consumption during the first quarter of 2017 is 501 to 999 cf will also see a
reduction in their quarterly sewer bill albeit smaller.    

These residents will receive a bill ranging from $44.94 (501 cf plus LCDU $3.50 admin fee) to
$86.13 (999 cf plus LCDU $3.50 admin fee).  Under the old system, the charge to these residents
also would have been $86.21 ($82.71 plus Lake County’s $3.50 administrative fee).

This chart may help:






Usage in hcf

Rate Per 1,000 cf (1 mcf)  

Rate Per 100 cf (1/2 mcf)

Qtrly Charge    (1 x 4)

Fixed Fee

Total Quarterly Charge (4 +5)

0 To 500





































Sewer Rate Update to Residents - October 30, 2013

With several resident calls concerning their water and sewer bills from the last quarter, we thought it would be helpful to outline the schedule that is in effect through 2018.  If you have questions about anything on your billing once you have reviewed the rates and explanations below, please do not hesitate to call 440-946-1234.  We will be happy to assist you.

 Click here to get the Sewer Rate Schedule 2011 thru 2018

 Sewer Rates

The City of Willoughby Hills adopted an increase in the sewer rates effective with the 2nd Quarter billing cycle in 2012, which are issued by the Lake County Utilities Department.  This increase is approximately $11 per month for an average residential property.

The City obtains sewer service from the City of Euclid, and like many communities who own and operate wastewater treatment plants, it is faced with environmental compliance issues to improve water quality.  Euclid developed what is called a, “Long Term Control Plan” as road map to move forward over the next fifteen years with a series of improvements totaling over $100 million dollars to their treatment facilities and collection system.  This necessitates increases in the costs for users of the system which are planned to be implemented over time.  Since Willoughby Hills is a user of Euclid’s system, we are subject to their imposed rate increases much like the Cities of Willowick and Wickliffe.

Willoughby Hills planned for and anticipated rate increases that were necessary for the development of its own sanitary sewer system.  The City embarked on a significant program over ten years ago to upgrade sewer facilities and to provide services to areas that were not previously served by sewers.  The construction program was implemented in four phases, the last of which was recently completed.  In addition to the cost increase from the City of Euclid, this rate increase also contains additional revenue to help finance the debt and pay operations and maintenance costs to ensure the integrity of the new sewer system.

Future rate increases will be forthcoming as Euclid continues with its sewer projects.  To a lesser degree, Willoughby Hills projects future rate increases and actively monitors the issue with annual audits of revenue and expenses.

Euclid Creek Tributary Watershed Sanitary Sewers
Lateral Installation Program


Willoughby Hills has completed the third and final phase of installing sanitary sewers for the western portion of the City that is part of the City of Euclid’s Sewer District.  Willoughby Hills has an Agreement with Euclid who provides wastewater treatment for this portion of the City.  This District includes the western side of the City extending south to the City’s corporation line and with an easterly limit at the City Hall complex and the Community Center on Chardon Road. 

Affected property owners should have received a written order from the Lake County General Health District to connect to the sewer within one (1) year of notification.  The City understands the burdens these requirements will place on the homeowners.  This lateral installation program was developed to provide assistance.

Installation Program

I.     For assistance, the City did advertise and invited interested contractors to perform the work for the individual homeowners to an informational meeting.  The informational meeting was done in 2011 to help judge interest and capacity of the contractors to perform multiple installations.  The City of Willoughby Hills did not participate in any negotiations or enter into any contractual obligations with these contractors.  It remains the homeowner’s sole responsibility for this action.  The City will advise interested contractors on the specifications and permitting obligations for the installation process. 

II.   The City also conducted two (2) separate meetings with the affected neighborhoods.  At these meetings, informational packets were distributed.  Included in these packets were “cut-away” sketch of the new lateral to be installed, a copy of the City’s specification sheet, an explanation of the work to be done and a discussion of the cost of work.  A list of registered and interested contractors were provided to the residents.  Please consider collaborating with your neighbors in order to negotiate a bulk price from Contractors.  It will be up to each neighborhood group to organize this effort.  Please contact the City’s Building Department if you need this material that was distributed.

III.  The sewer lines were accepted by the City for public use and the Lake County General Health District issued a notice of connection.  This notice will indicate one (1) year as the time period for connection.  The property owner will need to contract with a City-registered contractor who is required to post a bond with the City’s Building Department.  The homeowner or his/her contractor will contact the City’s Building Dept. to request an application for a sanitary sewer connection.  These applications will be available with the Building Dept. and they will specify the fees due to the City before any work is permitted to proceed.  Your contractor will be required to call for inspection at least 48 hours in advance of the work.  Once the sewer lateral has been connected, the City notifies the Lake County General Health District and the Lake County Utilities/Billing Department.  The City’s Service Dept. will perform a dye test to ensure that no clean water connections to the sanitary sewer are evident.

Additional information to assist property owners:

Please accept this as guidance on how to get your connection to the sanitary sewer done.

  1. The City will provide a copy of contractors who are registered with the City to perform the work.  Please review this list either individually and/or speak with your neighbors.  As noted, it may be advisable to select and hire a contractor as a group with neighbors on your street who will have the same requirements.  The advantage for you is to get a discounted price based upon the volume of work a contractor could have on your street.   
  2. When you do speak with a contractor, request a list of references with names and phone numbers for you to contact to ask about their performance.  Research the background of contractors you consider with the Better Business Bureau.  Many of these contractors were probably involved in installing sewer connections for many of your fellow residents recently as part of the City’s other sewer projects.  Those streets already completed include Marcum, Parkview, Martin, Dixon, Emerald Lakes, Evergreen, SOM Center Road, Rockefeller Road, Eddy Road and Bishop Road.
  3. We are providing you with a “cut-away” sketch of the new lateral to be installed (attached at the end of this document) and a copy of the City’s specification sheet. 
  4. After review and research of these contractors, solicit a detailed quotation to perform the work and request that the contractor visit your property to examine and review where your lateral will be installed.  At a minimum, the City suggests the detailed quote include unit prices to install the pipe or lateral; the cost to properly pump out your septic tanks and abandon it; and the final restoration of your property with topsoil and seed or sod depending upon your individual needs.  
  5. If a deposit is requested, make sure it is reasonable.  Agree to only reasonable and measurable progress payments.  Insist upon completion and acceptance by the City before you make final payment.
  6. Your installation has to be free and clear of any connections from your footer drains, sump pumps, or downspouts.  The City will confirm that with the dye test when your Contractor has completed the job. 

Sanitary Sewer System Investigation & Detection Program

The City began a methodical approach to ensure the proper operation and functioning of the City’s sanitary sewer system.  An investigation will be conducted annually for each neighborhood with sewers.  The City began with the Green Ridge neighborhood that includes Miller, Alan, Meadowbrook and Diane on the north side of I-90.  Corrections are being made both by the City and by property owners to ensure that only sanitary wastewater is connected and that the sewer system in general is sound.

The next phase of this program will be conducted this year on Camelot and Canterbury Courts.   Property owners will be notified of all activity in advance.

Residential Summer Sprinkling Program 

A residential summer sprinkling program was established by the City in 2005 for those residents that have sanitary sewer service.   The program provides for a possible reduction in your sewer bill by basing the sewer charges during the summer billing period on the smaller of either the actual water consumption or a calculated consumption based upon the winter billing period usage.

Residents must apply to participate.  An application for Summer Residential Sprinkling User Charges must be made by an eligible user via an application provided by the City together with a one-time $20.00 fee to the City by April 30th of any year to be eligible.  The summer sprinkling charges will continue from year to year unless otherwise cancelled by the owner.

To print the Summer Sprinkling Program application, click here.


Financial Hardship

Property owners who demonstrate financial hardship can seek assistance through Lake County’s Department of Housing Rehabilitation. Assistance is available for the installation of the sewer connection only. Administrative costs and connection charges are not eligible.

Please contact Toni Marie Ciliberto, Lake County Housing Rehabilitation Manager, at (440) 357-4400 for assistance.


Project Manager: Richard L. Bowen CityEngineer@WilloughbyHills-OH.gov
Building Dept.: Fred Wyss    Building@WilloughbyHills-OH.gov