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Building Department

The Building Department is responsible for overseeing and enforcing code compliance for all residential building construction within the City. 

EFFECTIVE 10/10/2017
The Willoughby Hills Building Dept will be working with The Lake County Building Dept and the Lake County General Health District for permits and inspections.

Contact the Willoughby Hills Building Department for any questions regarding this change at (440) 975-3550.

Building & Zoning Office: building@willoughbyhills-oh.gov
Phone (440) 975-3550
Fax (440) 918-8749

Office hours: Monday-Friday
8:00am - 4:30pm



Building Department downloadable forms

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Building permits are required for all building construction including, 
but not limited to, accessory 
structures, additions, decks, pools 
and sheds, replacement windows 
and doors, siding and roofing. 

Homeowner may obtain permits only when they are doing the actual work themselves.  If a contractor is hired, he/she is responsible for registration, obtaining permits, and for scheduling 
the necessary inspections. 
Click here to print out a Homeowners Acknowledgment Statement

Contractors must be registered 
with the City, in accordance with 
Chapter 1373 of the City Ordinances
Click to view Ch. 1373

Click here to print out:
Contractor Registration Packet

In addition to a contractor registration packet, a list of all subcontractors 
and a city income tax form must be completed and returned with the applicable permit applications.  
These forms can be found 
on the form download page.  
To go there, click here

Site plans are reviewed by the City Engineer.  Building plans are reviewed 
by the City's Architect and the Building Department.  If necessary,
the project plans are then reviewed by the Planning Commission and Architectural Board of Review.

Site plans are reviewed by the City Engineer, as per Chapter 1111.
Building plans are reviewed by the 
Lake County Building Department 
upon receipt of a Zoning Certificate issued by the Zoning Administrator.
Click to view Chapter 1111 

Commercial projects, minor subdivisions, property line adjustments, multi-family facilities, and demolitions require that plans be submitted for review and approval by the Building Department, the City Engineer, and other 
applicable city departments, such as the Police and Fire departments 




General Requirements: 

Front Yard Set Back is 75', the Rear 
Yard Set Back is 40' and the Right and Left Side Yard Set Backs are 15' from the outermost point of the structure, such as overhangs or gutters. 

Only Rear Yard and Side Yard Set 
Back Measurements apply. They are 
all 15', measured from the outermost point of the structure such as 
overhangs or gutters. 

The law provides for a total of 960 square feet of accessory buildings for the first acre of property and one 
additional square foot of building per each 100 square foot of land over 
one acre.  For more details, please 
visit our building department.  

The Building Department requires a $50.00 permit for all concrete, asphalt, or any hard-surfaced paved driveway apron installations (per City Municipal Code Sections 1331.01 and 1157.13). 
Also, contractors must be registered with the Building Department before 
a permit can be issued. 

Submit all applications to the Building Department.  If necessary, the project will be scheduled for an appearance before the PC/ABR (Planning and Zoning Commission and Architectural Board of Review).  The PC/ABR meets on the first and third Thursday of each month.

Upon PC/ABR approval, the applicant must obtain the necessary permits including building, electrical, H.V.A.C. and plumbing.

If plans are not compatible with the Zoning Code, or if a permit is denied by the Building Department, the applicant may appeal to the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) for a variance, in accordance with Chapter 1117.  The 
BZA meets on the second Tuesday 
of each month.
Click to view Chapter 1117

 Lake County maintains a Geographic Information System (G.I.S.) that allows users to search their database for information on properties in the County.  The database includes the Permanent Parcel Number (PPN), property taxes, and sales history information.  To go to the Lake County Auditor's website, click here   By clicking on this link, you will be leaving the City of Willoughby Hills website and openning a new window.


Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for receipt return, if mailing permit application.

After the proper permits are issued and as the project progresses, call the Building Department to schedule any required inspections.   

General Inspections Schedule:  Monday through Friday.  We request a 48-hour notice.

Inspections can include:  footer forms, basement and garage floors before concrete is poured; footer drains; slab; foundation before backfilling; post holes; waterproofing;  driveways before and after pouring concrete; siding; roofing; windows/doors; fence; shed; garage; signs; etc.  If you are unsure, please do not hesitate to contact the Building Department at 440-975-3550.

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